MOTORISED SUNBLINDSLight as much as you like...

Based in Switzerland, Griesser is a family company leading its field since 1882. It offers energy-efficient sun protection products providing the user with a comfortable indoor experience, and heat, light and privacy control.You will be able reflect up to 90% of hazardous sun rays while still enjoying the scenery. By this way, thermal loads of the buildings are decreased and significant energy saving can be achieved on cooling system.


External Venetian Blinds

Thanks to its self-supporting slat construction, it operates without any extra fittings. Two different slat systems are available as sharp wave form and harmonic wave form. Maximum application width is 280 cm.Lifting and tilting of slats is performed by the mechanism integrated in the lateral guides. The system does not include any string control, thus it is has the highest wind resistance values.


External Venetian Blinds

Grinotex III Sinus slat, with its special Sinus wave form, directs the sun light towards the ceiling; by this way it provides a natural illumination of spaces, and prevents reflections by reducing the luminescences occurring at the eye level. Thanks to its special design stainless steel wire rope, it can be installed up to 400 cm.


Window Shutter Systems

Thanks to its special operating mechanism it opens by folding. System can be stabilised anywhere. As the blinds have different angles, it allows creating interesting light games in the room. Maximum 8+8 (16) sashes can be accommodated. Supports the design freedom of architects via its limitless panel design options.


Window Shutter Systems

Panels operate by manually or motorised sliding. System panels are one of the significant façade elements of modern architecture. Different colour and material applications are available.


Awning Systems

Sun protection can be performed via special fabric products manufactured for use on façade. Depending on the fabric and colour selected, up to 97% of the solar energy is reflected.Scree fabric collections are designed for protecting the privacy of your private spaces while you can still enjoy the scenery. They also protect your private spaces against hazardous and flying insects. This product is cost efficient compared to other systems.