The premium brand of polymer-based solutions, REHAU is the international leader of Construction, Automotive and Industry sectors of this field.Since its establishment in 1948, REHAU owes this continuous growth to its own strength with its expertise and innovative approach in material development, system design and surface-mounting technologies.At more than 170 centres across the world, over 15,000 employers are working for REHAU’s success. Instead of an intermediary, Rehau is brought to and marketed in Turkey directly by itself.It is performing its services in Turkey with an administrative centre and a sealing factory.To abide by its commitment for quality, Rehau continuously provides information regarding its services and products for the manufacturers, users, architects and investors.


Maximum saving

New Synego windows are identified with the ideal saving programme. Synego provides 50% better insulation compared to the standard windows in the market. You will be increasing the value of your house while significantly decreasing the heating and cooling expenses.
Thermal conductivity co.Structure depthNo. of chambersSound insulation
0,94 – 1,00 W/m²K80 mm7 (frame) – 6 (sash)46 db (with acoustic laminated glass)


Quality and suitable solution

Euro 70 windows offer suitable prices with quality. It has all the factors required for a well insulated window.
Thermal conductivity co.Structure depthNo. of chambersSound insulation
1,30 W/m²K70 mm544 db (with acoustic laminated glass)


For those preferring large opening

Thanks to Synego lift and slide door systems, now it is possible to have a large angle of view accompanied by energy efficiency.Those eco-friendly sun lovers will be enjoying this system.With lift and slide systems, the sill can be completely encased into the floor. As there is no sill on the floor, it provides a great deal of comfort while passing through.This system also makes it easier for the handicapped to use wheel chair. Lift and slide systems may be also applied with motorized opening.
Thermal conductivity co.Structure depthNo. of chambersSound insulation
1,30 W/m²K80 mm400 Kg43 db (akustik lamine cam ile)


Innovative shutter system

It is an integral part of the Rehau window systems.Rehau offers frames in 3 different dimensions. 155 mm, 195 mm and 245 mm. You may use frames with various lengths in accordance with the height. You may operate your shutters manually, motorized or with reduction arm.Slat application is available in 37, 39, 43, 52, 55 and 56 mm. The shutter frame of 245 mm is suitable for the use of maximum height and large cover glass. Moreover, since this shutter frame is equipped with an inspection hole from the bottom, you may make the internal side of the shutter frame invisible by covering it with your preferred material.Heat insulation foam and acoustic insulation foil can be applied to all shutter frames. Rehau Shutter systems are suitable for the application of screen door during or after the manufacturing phase.
T. c. co. (155 mm frame)T. c. co. (195 mm frame)T. c. co. (245 mm frame)
0.76 W/m²K0,84 W/m²K0,78 W/m²K


A classic in architecture

Louvre shutters are one of the commonly used products of classical architecture.You may apply a touch of louvre shutter beauty toyour joinery with Rehau Sol Design Louvre Shutters.Louvre shutters may be manufactured with 1, 2, 3or 4 sashes. Roto or Maco accessory brands are used in the manufacturing of Rehau louvre shutters.Accessories are available in black or white. Slat system is available as fixed or folding system.


Maximum insulation

Rehau GENEO Design is currently the pvc window profile system with the highest insulation values in the market. The system is pvc coated on a carbon fibre material called Rau-Fibro. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to manufacture joinery up to certain dimensions without any support plate. Since the application of support plate has an adverse effect on the thermal conductivity coefficient of the joinery, this unfavourable situation is eliminated in GENEO Design profile. Passive House application is also available.
GENEO Lift & Slide (Hebe-Schiebe)- Maximum window dimension 10 m x2.8 m - 0,8 P / m2K Uw- Thermal insulation according to passive house standards- Air tightness:Up to B3- Pater tightness:Up to 9A- Sound insulation Rwp = 42 dB (class 4)- REHAU HDF surface
Thermal conductivity co.Structure depthNo. of chambersSound insulation
0,74 - 0,85 W/m²K86 mm646 db (with acoustic laminated glass)


Concealed sash

If you do not prefer the folding sashes to be visible from outside, you should use Neferia 70.Just like Geneo 86, Neferia 70 is also pvc coated on a carbon fibre material called Rau-Fibro.Thanks to this feature, it is possible to manufacture joinery up to certain dimensions without any support plate. This, in turn, increases the heat insulation values.
Thermal conductivity co.Structure depth
0,74 - 0,85 Wm2/K70 mm


Aesthetic Frame

REHAU Character Design is the profile system produced for those who wants to be different and special.It has 5 chambers and frame depth of 115 mm. Moreover, it is compliant with Ral A standards.Since the frame depth and middle glazing depth is 115 mm, and sash depth is 70 mm, the surface difference between the sash and frame constitutes a perfect design, providing the window with extra depth.
Thermal conductivity co.Structure depth
1,30 Wm2/K115 mm


High standard

It is a Rehau pvc joinery system with high standards.Its exterior wall thickness is 3.1mm in accordance with Ral A standards.
Thermal conductivity co.Structure depthNo. of chambersSound insulation
1,30 Wm2/K70 mm544 db (with acoustic laminated glass)


Economic quality

It is the most economic system produced by Rehau for mass housing projects.It is available only in white colour.
Thermal conductivity co.Structure depth
1,60 Wm2/K60 mm


For those who cannot give up aluminium outlook

In Rehau’s profile series, real aluminium outlook can be achieved upon request via an aluminium top system called Alutop.Manufactured by Rehau, special aluminium tops are applied after dyed in aluminium ral colours and patterns.


PVC façade

Main problem encountered with aluminium façade systems is due to the fact that aluminium is a good conductor material. Thus, the thermal conductivity values are very poor compared to pvc joinery.You do not have to use aluminium on the façades of your villas or residences.Politech 50 is a pvc façade system supported by steel section. This provides you with maximum insulation and with a façade system that seems to have the same pattern and quality of other pvc joineries used on your house.